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Pitman Venom & Geekoz n Un!quE – HipHopBeatsSA Feb/March Competition Kings

Check out the 3  Kings Of HipHopBeatsSA Feb/March Competition.

We had two hip hop beats on this competition, one produced by Manced Beats and the other one by SkysBeats.

Pitman Vemon’s track Uzabu guphi killed all his SkysBeats competitors on the  and two boys from EC Geekoz n Un!quE killed all their Manced beats competitors with a track tittled I don’t care

Download the winning track on the below links.
Download Pitman Vemon – Uzabu guphi (HipHopBeatsSA Competition Track)
Download Geekoz n Un!quE – I don’t care (HipHopBeatsSA Competition Track)


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