Barz-iller - Upcoming-Hip-Hop-Artist Free-State
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Barz-iller – Upcoming Hip Hop Artist Free State

Born, Nobi Khuele, Barz-iller is a very talented musician who considers himself 60% poet and 40% rapper. He is the only child of Tiisetso Khuele, who was a drum-player and choir singer, and Mantoa Khuele, who was very articulate. Music must truly be in his genes seeing as even though he is considered a rapper he is able to blend in to any other musical genre. If that isn’t enough he can also alternate from english to sotho to afrikaans effortlessly.

He is currently busy with a project called whereas he posts a new song every second and last Tuesday of every month.

With that being said the question “What makes him different?” fades away as the temptation to listen to his music slowly enters your mind.

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